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So, Michael & Sophie’s wedding is next month and I’ve just got hold of Michael’s old Canon EOS 30D along with his Canon 50mm f/1.8. I’ll be using this as my portrait camera.

I’m also upgrading my own camera to a Canon EOS 60D equipped with my Canon 18-135mm lens. I’ll be using my external Yongnuo Speedlite YN565EX flash gun. Along with essentials such as, memory cards, batteries etc.

More to the point, will I need a tripod for the wedding? If so, I’ll have to hire one over there as I won’t be taking my own due to luggage weight. I’m guessing you will for posed portrait shots i.e. Brides with father, bride with bridesmaids etc.

If anybody could help, it’d be greatly appreciated. Just send me a message.

Thank you.

On the other hand, I’ll be posting a few photos from playing around, testing the 30D and figuring out how to change settings. In total, I’ve been playing with it for about an hour in total. I’m learning how to use it in manual too. Hope you enjoy the photos!

Hope it doesn’t rain, I really fucking do, and if it does, I hope it’s only a drizzle.  Nantlle Ridge looks awesome.

New edits I’ve been working on from my last few trips out. Hope you like them!

So I’ve started selling my photography. I’ll be uploading a few more images which I have in mind to sell. Let me know if any of you are interested (shipped from US). Thank you.

Head over to and get shopping!

If you want any photos off my blog, contact me via Tumblr or e-mail.

Thank you again! Happy shopping!

P.S. This was meant to be posted but I saved it as a draft like a dope.

Couple of new toys to play with this week.. Well, not so new! Trying them out off my friend’s dad; Minolta Freedom 3 (AZF) & Minolta Maxxam 7000 (AF) SLR. Should be fun, first time using film.


I got my kneecap lined on Wednesday. I was dreading it and nearly changed my mind on the day but it wasn’t that bad, felt weird more than anything.

Birthday lines from Dean Coughlin at Design for Life in Liverpool. Warped slightly.

Can’t wait to get this finished. Looks gnarly already.

When myself & Aaron did some wild camping in Wales up a mountain.

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I posted this to the wrong blog because I’m an idiot and wasn’t concentrating. So hey ho, a reblog of my own photos, from my own blog haha.

I’ve attempted to try something different in photoshop rather than just touching up slight shadows and highlights. I’ve added a few layers of noise and adjusted contrast, the brightness along with the lighter tones. My attempt on digital photos to look sort of film-like.

There will be more photos to be uploaded within the next couple of days but I’ve been really busy the past week to even edit them due to work. But this trip consisted of a good hike up 500m and then wild camped next to a lake on the mountains and then hiked back round the peaks of other mountains and around lakes back down to the car.

Let me know what you think anyway.

Thanks, enjoy.

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The sky was unbelievable that night. Silhouette of my friend, Brad on his pit bike on a mound of dirt.


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fuckin’ mug.

Had to get my passport done.

I photographed Rory whilst we were tracking guitars for our new single, ‘Conquer’.

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