fuckin’ mug.

Had to get my passport done.

I photographed Rory whilst we were tracking guitars for our new single, ‘Conquer’.

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Appreciate the help everyone has given! So much happening for Cthulhu this summer, I’m so excited and hope it brings us bigger things in the near future.

New blog is up! Just filling it up a little from a few of my liked posts so it has something to it. It’s an insight to who I am, my views, what my personal interests. Go have a gander;, we may have the same interests :).

Anyone fancy a chat? Keep me entertained. I’d like to talk to more of you on here :).


I’ve been thinking for a while if I should make an interests blog. I think today is the day, if not, it’ll be tomorrow! Got a few new photos too, tried shooting 50mm only. Third time I’ve used a 50mm lens, so let me know what you think.

Hit me constructive criticism.
Thank you.

Doing a UK tour with my band and then hitting up Canada to photograph one of my closest friend’s wedding and travel for the time I’m over there.

I. Cannot. Wait.

I can’t wait for summer.

I’ve just got back last night with my band, ‘Cthulhu’. We’ve just been on The Mersey Metal Tour with our buddies, ‘The Day Will Come' (from Liverpool, England).

The tour dates were:
19.02.14 - O’Rileys, Hull
20.02.14 - Mad Ferret, Preston
21.02.14 - Revolver, Wirral
22.02.14 - V40, Barrow-In-Furness
23.02.14 - The Black Bull, Gateshead

Unfortunately we couldn’t play 20th in Preston due to us being booked to play Preston on the 21st with Martyr Defiled & Black Tongue. That gig was one of the best I’ve played, it was incredible and they’re all nice guys. Here’s a review of that show, along with some photos by Mute Print.

More to the point from this post is that I took my camera out to Barrow and photographed The Day Will Come during their set. Photos will be up within the next few days after I’ve finished editing. If you haven’t checked these boys out, and you’re into metal.. You NEED to. We’re planning to be playing plenty more shows with these boys. Seriously have made some great, new friends the past week. Couldn’t have asked for any more.. Well, I could’ve done without sharing a bed with 2 other lads for a night haha.

Enjoy the photos. Thanks.